A Tale of Two Blues

July 6th, 2008



Spanish Bluebell

Spanish Bluebell

This is one of those things that’s better to see in person. Trying to take a pic of this is a bit of a challenge. What you’re looking at above is two pics of two different blue paints. Trust me.

As you know, we’re busy giving the kitchen a makeover. The old kitchen color on the walls was in desperate need of updating. So hubby and I both agreed that we wanted to paint the kitchen blue to go along with our Cottage Living theme. We took a trip to Home Depot and probably after an hour discussion, talking about all of the different hues and tones of blue, we decided the color on the walls was going to be…Sapphireberry. We were very excited to get home and put it on the walls. Two coats and 24 hours later, there was a bit of mixed emotions on what we thought was our perfect blue. Hubby hated it. To quote him, he said, “this looks like something you would put in a kids room. Too baby/sky blue.” Me, on the other hand, I didn’t think it looked bad at all. I loved the pop it had against our newly made over white kitchen cabinets.

But after what seemed liked a days worth of discussion, we decided that because of our open floor plan, color scheme for downstairs, and the foyer tile, we needed a blue with a gray undertone. Sapphireberry had a yellow tone to it. So back to Home Depot we went. Carefully examining and discussing all of the blues with gray tones, we decided the the new choice was going to be… Spanish Bluebell.

Hubby put the paint on the walls, we waited, and much to both of our delight, we LOVED it!!! I must say, he was right on this. All of those art classes he took and hours of discussion over the color wheel paid off and we found our perfect kitchen blue. Yay!!!! Thank you also to Ralph Lauren for creating Spanish Bluebell. I’m so glad we found you. And, I’m really glad that we didn’t have to talk anymore about blue. Like, I’m pretty sure my readers are about done reading this lengthy tale about blue paint in my kitchen!

Who knew I could go on like this over blue?!

Stay tuned for pics of our finished kitchen cabinets. What a labor of love this project has been! I think we are on week 4 of this?! We still need to put the shelves back in, attach draw pulls, and attach door hardware.

the BIG move

June 24th, 2008

This past weekend was the BIG move into our new house!!! Hubby and I are pros at the whole moving game as we’ve moved 6 times in the 9 years we’ve lived together. And that’s not even counting all of the moves during those college years (hubby and I lived together during some of that time…that’s just a whole other story… but I digress. …meandering mind!)

What I want to tell you is that the move went just fine! Almost too easy. I kept waiting for something to go wrong; some sort of moving disaster to tend to. Our big move (2 summers ago) was filled with stories of lame moving guys that didn’t bring proper moving equipment (like truck dollies), moving guys that show up in flip flops and want you to brew hot coffee on a 90 degree day, and guys that show up late and leave early because they have somewhere else to be! (you know who you are, crazy Seattle movers!)

After all of that we were due some pro movers. And these guys delivered. They showed up on time, came prepared, and the best part was the whole job lasted only 4 hours. I would so recommend them to anyone in the area. Love-love-loved them!

Below are a few pics from the BIG day. Stay tuned for home improvement pics– we’ve been making some major changes already on the inside of the house. Well, off to unpack some boxes!


unpack 4

and Boxes!

unpack 3

and more Boxes!

unpack 2

yay for unpacking the bed

unpack 1

cheers to us!

Silver Oak

Dreams really do come True!

May 30th, 2008

Look what hubby and I bought today…. our very first house!!!!! Very exciting to be official home owners. Whoo Hoo!!! Happy dance time– yeah. yeah. yeah.

Proof that dreams really do come true.

our house